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Mediums There are 7 products.

  • Medium size wine cellar with a capacity for 40 bottles, perfect for red or white wines. This cava is perfect both by design and by its operation.

    320,40 € IVA incl 445,00 € -28%
    In Stock
  • Medium wine cellar CV-46E of an ideal temperature for both red and white wines. Cava fully recessed with stainless steel details designed for home or catering.

    424,80 € IVA incl 590,00 € -28%
    Online only
    In Stock
  • One of the best wine bars in the market. Its capacity up to 60 bottles make it a medium sized climate closet perfect for the conservation and maintenance of your wines.

    444,00 € IVA incl 555,00 € -20%
    In Stock
  • The double-temperature or multi-temperature wine cellar is perfect for keeping red, white and cava wines. Thanks to its two-temperature system, you can keep two different types of wine in perfect condition and independently.

    551,00 € IVA incl 725,00 € -24%
    In Stock
  • The Cavevinum PREMIUM CV-46BL wine cellar stands out for its avant-garde aesthetics as well as for its quality and technology. The front cooling fan makes it a perfect cava to fit..

    693,60 € IVA incl 1 020,00 € -32%
    En stock
  • New 2018! wine cellar PREMIUM double temperature CV-46-BL-2T. An avant-garde design that takes care of every last detail. Recessed model, perfect to fit in kitchens.

    714,00 € IVA incl 1 050,00 € -32%
    In Stock
  • NEW! New wine cellar model CV-40LV with a maximum capacity of 40 bottles, with reversible door and fully removable telescopic shelves.

    800,00 € IVA incl 1 000,00 € -20%
    In Stock

The medium wine cellars of Cavevinum have a capacity ranging from 40 to 100 bottles.

All wine stores of this size have a compressor, so they are perfect for maintaining red wine at the right temperature, such as cooling white wines or cava. They make virtually no noise and are perfect for both home and business.

These are the wine shops with the best quality-price ratio in the market.