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  • VINOX II PACK 12 UNITS uses the most advanced technology to oxygenate and modify the structure of wine. The primary aromas are exalted to the maximum and the aromas are eliminated that do not let out these same ones thus getting to enjoy the wine in the best conditions in the best possible time.

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  • The vacuum pump Inox is responsible for extracting air from inside the open bottles to delay the oxidation process of the wine, preserving its aroma and flavor over time.

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  • Vacuum wine automatic vacuum pump WINE PRESERVER. Preservation system of quiet wines. Keep the wine up to 9 days in perfect condition! with Cavevinum's guarantee.

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  • Cave Vinum automatic vacuum pump of the latest technology, essential to extract the air from the open bottles and preserve all the properties of the wine. Preserves wine for up to 9 days.

    38,72 € IVA incl 48,40 € -20%
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The vacuum pumps are designed with a fully effective preservation system that preserves the wine for several days without modifying its properties. We have articles with manual and automatic system.

Cave Vinum wine aerators use state-of-the-art technology to quickly oxygenate and modify the structure of the wine. We recommend the Vinox II wine oxygenator because it is one of the most practical wine aerators on the market.