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  • The double-time Corcksout corkscrew allows the extraction of the wine stopper without damaging it. It is the preferred model by the great majority of hospitality professionals for its easy handling and durability. Manufactured in galvanized iron, nickel-plated steel and coated Teflon.

    1,82 € IVA incl 2,42 € -25%
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  • Special top for the preservation of wines and cavas. Ideal for the conservation of freshly uncorked sparkling wine. Ask for a quote at marketing@cavevinum.com

    2,20 € IVA incl 3,39 € -35%
    Reduced price!
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  • Identifier set of cups so you do not lose your cup in events where there are many people. Made of plastic and with different colors, the set includes support so you can store them all together and do not get lost.

    2,50 € IVA incl
    In Stock
  • Chiller cover made of high quality nylon. Perfect to keep and cool your bottles at a suitable temperature.

    6,00 € IVA incl
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  • Cave Vinum automatic vacuum pump of the latest technology, essential to extract the air from the open bottles and preserve all the properties of the wine. Preserves wine for up to 9 days.

    27,59 € IVA incl 48,40 € -43%
    In Stock
  • Vacuum wine automatic vacuum pump WINE PRESERVER. Preservation system of quiet wines. Keep the wine up to 9 days in perfect condition! with Cavevinum's guarantee.

    30,25 € IVA incl
    In Stock

A whole world of accessories designed to ensure that your wines are in optimal conditions: high quality and design stoppers, bottle coolers, double-time corkscrew (Coutale brand), oxygenators, vacuum pumps and endless articles so as not to lack anything to your business.