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46290 Alcacer, Valencia
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If you are a professional in the wine sector or want to be a distributor of our products, please contact us. We have very interesting solutions for you and your project.


Cave Vinum Wine Cellars

Manufactured with high quality materials and a rigorous control system in all stages of production, our cabinets are designed to offer you the best solution when preserving your wines. To protect them from external aggressions and allow them to mature in optimal conditions.

The wine cellars of Cave Vinum have nothing to do with common refrigerators and control aspects as important as temperature and humidity down to the smallest detail. Our wine cellars respect all the necessary conditions for the conservation and optimum maturation of your wines.

The world around wine

As wine professionals we know that many times a wine bar is just the beginning. That's why in Cave Vinum we offer you a wide range of complementary products so that you can cover all your needs. Glassware, Cubiteras or accessories are some of the options that we offer to get you an integral and completely personalized service.

International Quality

We are proud to export our wine and other products to large markets such as USA, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Holland or Belgium. Which means that we know perfectly the needs of the sector and we are able to offer high quality products to preserve the optimal conditions of any wine.

For all audiences

Our goal is to bring the great quality wine shops closer to the general public, avoiding too elitist competitions or offering a small variety of products. That is, they do not adapt to the real needs of the sector. Cave Vinum offers a lot of variety to reach all audiences.

With or without compressor, small, medium and large models with different finishes and for different uses. And we continue to create high quality products every season to cover all needs at affordable prices.