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Stoppers for wines and cavas There are 5 products.

  • Special top for the preservation of wines and cavas. Ideal for the conservation of freshly uncorked sparkling wine. Ask for a quote at marketing@cavevinum.com

    2,20 € IVA incl 3,39 € -35%
    Reduced price!
    Out of stock
  • Cava stopper or sparkling wine made of stainless steel and certified plastic for food use.

    2,37 € IVA incl 3,39 € -30%
    Reduced price!
    In Stock
  • Identifier set of cups so you do not lose your cup in events where there are many people. Made of plastic and with different colors, the set includes support so you can store them all together and do not get lost.

    2,50 € IVA incl
    In Stock
  • Millesime 52 model cap made of acrylic plastic. Possibility of other colors. Check availability and price at marketing@cavevinum.com

    3,63 € IVA incl
    In Stock

If you are looking for an alternative wine storage system to vacuum pumps, at Cave Vinum we have a wide range of stoppers designed to preserve the characteristics of freshly uncorked wine.