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Wine decanters There are 4 products.

  • Decanter model Lara 1200 cl manufactured in crystalline. Eliminate once the grounds of the bottles of your wine with this elegant decanter.

    13,67 € IVA incl
    In Stock
  • Wine decanter model Rona Classic 1500 cl. Made of high strength crystalline material. Delete sediment from wine bottles with our decanters.

    14,52 € IVA incl
    Out of stock
  • Decanter Vid Rona 1500 cl. manufactured in crystalline material. A classic bet for those who look for functionality and style. Manufactured in one of the best factories in Europe.

    14,52 € IVA incl
    In Stock
  • NEW! Wine decanter model Swan 1 Liter. Exclusive design. A perfect gift for those looking for a design decanter. Manufactured in one of the best glass factories in Europe.

    72,60 € IVA incl
    In Stock

Cave Vinum presents a selection of most exclusive wine decanters on the market. All of them are made of high quality crystalline material and perfect design that allow to aerate all the aromas of the wine and keep it in perfect conditions for its consumption. Specially designed for younger wines.